Central Otago

Central Otago

Central Otago is the world’s southernmost commercial wine growing region. Here grapes struggle to ripen in all but the best vintages, conditions are marginal and rely on good temperatures and long sunshine hours. Central Otago is renowned for outstanding Pinot Noir as well as vivid, aromatic whites.

‘The extreme climate rewards careful site selection with wines of great intensity and finesse, and encourages an increased focus on sub-regional expression. ‘ www.nzwine.com


The southernmost of the subregions with a climate is dry and hot in summer followed by bitterly cold winters. and runs to extremes in both summer and winter. The marked daily climatic Large diurnal range (variation in temperature between day and night) leads to vividly varietal, aromatic, finely structured wines.


A warm and dry subregion, producing wines that are distinctive and complex.


The largest vine plantings of the Central Otago region. Vines are planted on gentle north-facing slopes, increasing the sunlight hours and making this possibly the warmest subregion. Stony soils soak up the hot summer sun and amplify the cold felt through the harsh southern winter.


Extensive plantings around the town of Cromwell, on the west bank of Lake Dunstan. The majority of plantings are situated on the lower terraces and valley floor running parallel to the snow-capped Pisa mountain range.


The highest subregion of Central Otago, Gibbston’s cooler climate and north-facing hillsides ripen later than the other sub-regions. Wines are lighter, whilst retaining intensity.


This picturesque subregion is cooler and slightly wetter than the Queenstown and Cromwell areas. Lake Wanaka reflects sunlight onto the vines and tempers the extremes of winter. Wines produced are both vivid and delicate.

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