Black Estate

Black Estate

Black Estate – Organic Hillside Vineyards

“Our vineyards are organic and biodynamic so we are in natural and healthy places. We farm organically and with biodynamic practices to work with nature, rather than against it. If our land is naturally healthy and full of diverse life, we have healthier vines, producing fruit with quality and flavour that expresses its unique environment”

Black Estate’s Home Vineyard is located 6 kilometres north east of the Waipara Junction, in the Omihi sub-district of Waipara Valley, North Canterbury. The slope is a north facing sedimentary clay fan on a gentle hill side slope. The soils are mainly Awapuni clay loam with calcium carbonate deposits.

The approach in the vineyard is minimal intervention, wines are made with no additions and without manipulation. The idea is to produce wines with a real sense of place, showcasing the terroir, the season and ripe, healthy fruit.

You can read more about Black Estate Vineyards here.

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