Aroha Wine

Grove Mill was established in 1988 in the Wairau Valley. The winery is dedicated to crafting premium wines with minimal environmental impact. From the beginning, Grove Mill have looked beyond the winery and vineyards – they continue to nurture the thriving wetlands established beside the winery, home to a diversity of native flora and fauna. The winery itself is powered with the help of solar energy – and was the first in New Zealand to be certified carbon neutral back in 2006. Every step of the way, Grove Mill have taken practical steps to carry their legacy of sustainability into the future.

The new logo tells the story of sustainability – in fact the bottle labels are printed on sugar cane rather than paper! (Sugar cane is a renewable resource that uses a highly available bi-product.) The glass is recycled New Zealand glass and the capsule (screw cap and neck cover) is also made in New Zealand.

We think Grove Mill are a winery to watch – their 2019 Sauvignon Blanc won Champion Sauvignon Blanc at the Marlborough Wine Show in October 2019 and they’re on track for another great season…

To learn more about Grove Mill you can follow the link here