The name Akitu is an ancient Maori term for Apex or Summit – and the logo depicts the name reflected in the outline of the alps overlooking the vineyard.

Andrew Donaldson grew up in Wanaka, Central Otago.

His grandfather bought a house there in 1959 – in what was a stunning but remote location . A few decades later Andrew bought the farm back and planted Pinot Noir, his favourite grape.

12 hectares, 45,000 vines, 6 clones – planted specifically in sections based on soil and aspect.

Exceptionally, the first wines were produced in 2012 – after allowing the vines time to develop and settle.

The vineyard is situated at 380 metres above sea level, on north-facing slopes in the Upper Clutha basin.

The vineyard follows Sustainable guidelines and was awarded Sustainable Wine of the Year at the International Wine Challenge in 2018.

“We ship our wine 12,000 miles to the UK market. Of course we want to ship less weight, but the market still thinks heavy bottles imply higher quality – we’re not the only part of the supply chain that needs to change.”

To find out more about Akitu you can visit their website here